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Invites for members whose names begin with “F” have gone out.

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The Woodland games were fun, let’s all get out to the Modesto games and have a good time.

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More invites out

Invitations for branch members whose names end with “C” and “D” have gone out.

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Our New Custom Header

Isn’t it beautiful? Be sure to thank John next time you see him as he put it together (with minor direction from Peggy and me).  It ended up having several iterations (and caused much gnashing of teeth) before something finally worked, so he deserves a great big THANK YOU!

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I have created an account at flickr where I am uploading all of the RSCDS related pictures I have taken over the last few years.  Since I am using a free account there is a limit to the number of pictures I can upload each month, so it will take a while for all of the pictures to appear. 

I have also created a flickr group called RSCDS-sacramento.  Anyone who creates a Flickr user account for themselves can join the RSCDS-Sacramento group where they will be able to download, or link to all the pictures that I (or any other group member) make available to the group.  

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