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Friday Class

We had a good turnout for the Friday Night Class at YLI in Sacramento. We had a four couple set for each dance including a couple of newcomers. We would certainly love to have as many more people as we can get. Really, the more people in the class, the more fun everyone has. Since next Friday is July 4th we will not be having class, but we’d really love to see everyone in class on Friday July 11th.

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Our Board meeting

Technically we had two (count them two) board meetings on Saturday June 14, 2008.  Sandra, the outgoing chairperson called the first meeting to order somewhere around 6:30.  We approved the minutes of the last board meeting then assigned and approved posts for the new board.  John will become the Chair, Peggy will be the Vice Chair, Lynne will remain the Treasurer and Martha will retain the Secretary position.  Carol will be an ‘at large’ member of the board.   The meeting was then adjourned.

For technical reasons John called another board meeting to order for the purpose of approving the minutes of the first meeting.  The next board meeting is scheduled for September 2008.

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We danced…

We celebrated William’s graduation and Eagle Scout rank…

And we said goodbye to Sonya who is moving north…

And a good time was had by all.

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Don’t Forget….

The AGM is tonight!

Be there or be square 😉

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CamelliaFestival2008 (56)

Originally uploaded by StyxMaker

This is the first year I’ve actually been able to take pictures of the dancing at the Camellia Festival. Since they didn’t allow flash even my digital SLR was being pushed to its limits to get the pictures

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CamelliaFestival2008 (43)

Originally uploaded by StyxMaker

I just uploaded several pictures from this years Camellia Festival to my flickr account.

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Well Done!

William Fox has earned his Eagle Scout.

Congrats, William! I know you spent a lot of time and energy on your project.  You should feel very, very proud of your accomplishment.

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The contributor invitations have all been set.  Didn’t receive yours? Here’s a few things to check:

Your SPAM blocker

The email address you provided on your membership ap (it may be different than your “real” address). 

If you still can’t find it, email me.  I’m only human – your address may have been typed incorrectly.


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Children’s Ball

There were 74 dancers at the children’s ball today, and a higher percentage than in previous years were quite young. Lynne was pulled away from her teacherly duties to play her flute in the band, and I joined the children’s class teachers and some young adult children’s class alumni to help point confused young dancers in the right direction, and fill out sets when needed.

The last dance of the afternoon was, as usual, Petronella, a favorite of the young dancers, who consider 24 out of 32 bars being pas de basque a good thing. And as usual, they encored it — another 8 times through, not just once and to the bottom. Following the dancing we all filled up with a proper afternoon tea — fresh fruit, tea sandwiches, scones, sausage roles, cookies (biscuits if we really want to be English) and of course, tea.

The music was wonderful, and the kids were excited, and exciting to watch. A fun, if tiring, afternoon.

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