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Children’s Ball

There were 74 dancers at the children’s ball today, and a higher percentage than in previous years were quite young. Lynne was pulled away from her teacherly duties to play her flute in the band, and I joined the children’s class teachers and some young adult children’s class alumni to help point confused young dancers in the right direction, and fill out sets when needed.

The last dance of the afternoon was, as usual, Petronella, a favorite of the young dancers, who consider 24 out of 32 bars being pas de basque a good thing. And as usual, they encored it — another 8 times through, not just once and to the bottom. Following the dancing we all filled up with a proper afternoon tea — fresh fruit, tea sandwiches, scones, sausage roles, cookies (biscuits if we really want to be English) and of course, tea.

The music was wonderful, and the kids were excited, and exciting to watch. A fun, if tiring, afternoon.

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