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Our New Custom Header

Isn’t it beautiful? Be sure to thank John next time you see him as he put it together (with minor direction from Peggy and me).  It ended up having several iterations (and caused much gnashing of teeth) before something finally worked, so he deserves a great big THANK YOU!

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I have created an account at flickr where I am uploading all of the RSCDS related pictures I have taken over the last few years.  Since I am using a free account there is a limit to the number of pictures I can upload each month, so it will take a while for all of the pictures to appear. 

I have also created a flickr group called RSCDS-sacramento.  Anyone who creates a Flickr user account for themselves can join the RSCDS-Sacramento group where they will be able to download, or link to all the pictures that I (or any other group member) make available to the group.  

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Design Session/SMD

I’m writing this here because by the time we actually get around to addressing it I probably will have forgotten.  Anyway, here’s what I would like to accomplish today:

1) Design header
2) Flesh out our “About” Page – I really just set up a place holder.  We should maybe consider also adding a “Welcome” page.
3) Set up a posting policy
4) Decide whether to do a blogroll, and who to put on it.  I think we can also categorize blogrolls, so we can maybe do a members category, a related stuff blogroll, etc, etc.

Thank you to whoever started setting up posting categories – that was also on my list!

And so you don’t think I was just flaking last night, I sent out invites to all the remaining board members, all members whose last name end with “B” and Janet.

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Should we (as in anyone who has email addresses for dancers in other branches) announce the existence of this blog and suggest that they might like to establish branch blogs that we can cross link with?

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Branch logo

Maybe we should include this in the blog layout.

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