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Friday Night class

Six dancers, two teachers, and one injured reserve at Y.L.I. for class tonight. Not bad for the night before a monthly party.

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We had half the usual number of dancers at the Friday class this week, but still a large enough group to dance. Next Friday (April 10, 2009), being Good Friday, we will not have the usual Friday class. There will, however, be a party on Saturday April 11, 2009. This will be our ‘mock’ ball where everyone will get a chance to practice all of the dances on our upcoming ball program and have a nice potluck dinner afterward (and let’s not forget to wish Peggy a happy birthday that night).

The picture is our demo team practicing for the three upcoming performances. We have, one following close on the other, performances at the Woodland Games, the Sacramento Zoo, and the newly formed games in Rippon California.

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Friday class

With thirteen students we had either enough for two three couple sets, or a coven. We chose the sets.

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