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November Party

A good turn out for the party.

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Be sure to be here…

…on Saturday June 13th for the last monthly party until fall. Bring some food, an act or two to perform between the dances and your dancing shoes. It all happens of course at the YLI 27th and N streets in Sacramento.

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The Ball

We had forty-four people registered for the workshop and ball May 16. Dispite the twenty degree higher than normal for the season temperature everyone danced and had a good time. Carol La Russa and John Hamilton did the Grand Marshall duties. We raffled off another hiking staff, and an afghan crocheted for the branch by Karen Hamilton who also helped in the kitchen.

We can now start practicing dances for the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland Oregon. We will be dancing there on Saturday August 1st.

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…Reel of the Royal Scots for performance at the Festival of Trees at Mickey Grove Sat. 12/6.

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October Party

We had a good turn out for the October party this evening. Twenty people (counting the musicians) had a great time dancing and socializing.

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As the half-dozen people who made it to the September Party already know, we didn’t have enough people attending to actually dance.  While the time spent talking and sharing the munchies we had brought was pleasant, we would rather not spend the money on renting the hall if we aren’t going to dance.   We have had similar situations at several parties during the last year — enough to dance, but just barely.  We have begun to wonder if we could get better attendance if it wasn’t a monthly event, but about every 2-3 months, giving us more time to prepare the dances in class, and giving all of us with busy schedules a chance to reserve those times to come dance.

The suggestion is to cancel the November party, as it falls on or near Veteran’s day and people often go away for the long weekend.  That would mean that we would just have the two most popular fall parties, October and December, dates when we will have live music.

For spring the suggestion is a mock ball, with recorded music and the upcoming ball program, in either March or April, the ball in May and the Ceilidh in June, skipping January and February which are usually poorly attended.

We need to have some discussion of this.  We don’t want to deprive people of opportunities to dance, but we need to have enough people at the parties to make rent.  We will have to be making the decision fairly soon, so we can release the hall if we aren’t using it, and make sure we get the word out to everybody about whatever changes are made in the schedule.

Please use the comments to express your opinion on this.  The branch committee wants your point of view, and we won’t get it if you don’t tell us.


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The group that will be dancing at the Pleasanton adjudication has met to practice once, and will be meeting again this Saturday 9 August, then taking a week off and meet the last time on 23 August. It is a group with great diversity in age, so we are classed as a family class. We will be dancing on Saturday 30 August at 14:30 on the Jordanhill stage. That’s the high stage directly in front of where the branch tent is usually set up. Come by and watch the group dance, and spend some time staffing the tent. It’s a nice shady place to sit down and rest after walking all over the fairgrounds.

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