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Design Session/SMD

I’m writing this here because by the time we actually get around to addressing it I probably will have forgotten.  Anyway, here’s what I would like to accomplish today:

1) Design header
2) Flesh out our “About” Page – I really just set up a place holder.  We should maybe consider also adding a “Welcome” page.
3) Set up a posting policy
4) Decide whether to do a blogroll, and who to put on it.  I think we can also categorize blogrolls, so we can maybe do a members category, a related stuff blogroll, etc, etc.

Thank you to whoever started setting up posting categories – that was also on my list!

And so you don’t think I was just flaking last night, I sent out invites to all the remaining board members, all members whose last name end with “B” and Janet.

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