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Saturday evening found me at the dance portion of the Truckee Weekend.  I had been called upon to be a last minute replacement (I saw the music for the first time at rehearsal that afternoon) for Sherryl, who was dealing with a kitty emergency.  I could certainly sympathize with this, and was happy, though a bit nervous, to step in and attempt to fill her very (metaphorically)large shoes.

We arrived just as dinner was in full swing, and after a quick trip through the buffet, it was time for sound check.  Before long, the first dance was called, and we launched into Pelorous Jack.

The hall was packed.  Neither the heat nor the gas prices nor the smoke seemed to have put a damper on things, as there was an abundance of dancers and no shortage of energy.  Sacramento was ably represented by Theresa, Rick Cervin, and Ed Johnston.  Janet created some super tune arrangements, and the promise of a fun, noisy evening was easily fulfilled. 

We were provided hospitality at the lovely home of Barbara, a local dancer.  First on the agenda: a step onto the balcony where the sight of the stars (including the Milky Way) kept us all enthralled despite the chill.  We gazed, chatted, and noshed until our respective beds called us in.  In the morning over breakfast we discussed our introduction to music and dance, and their relationship with each other. 

All too soon it was time to pack up the cars and head back into the smoke filled valley.  As the tree line was replaced by the blue/brown haze we’ve been living with for what feels like forever, I reflected on the incredible talent we have in our branch – from dancers, to musicians, to teachers.  We are so, so fortunate to be able to call these talented folks “ours”, and even more so to be able to call them “friends.”

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